Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wow! I've come a long way!

PThis is an update. A lot has happened since my last post.

I'm quite proud to announce that I have joined the burlesque troupe, Naughty & Spice, as Lydia Vox and have kittened for one show and performed in another.  (Kittening is a term for setting up and picking up all the props.  I was their "kitten".)  It has been spectacular. We are currently on a winter break, but will be resuming practice in February.

Serge and Sew is still proving to be a fabulous job.  I'm teaching classes now. Seems so odd to be teaching quilting classes to people who have been quilting for decades.  But it seems to mostly be a social thing.

Then again... my quilting experience has expanded a substantial amount in the last 8 months. I've made three quilts and numerous smaller projects. 
This last quilt was a collaboration, I must admit.  I only made one of the blocks.  But I did put all the blocks together and quilt and bind it.

On the whole, life in Nanaimo has proved to be as excellent as I remember.  Though I do miss my friends and family from the north a great deal.  They were always around.  Everything was a social event.  Even at work, my coworkers were my friends and Miake had her lunch at my store more often than not.  Evenings were full of dinners and D&D.  Weekends consisted of snowshoeing or hiking or geocaching, making labyrinths or monster cookies.  

Now, I spend an awful lot of time on my own. Sewing... But still by myself.  I see my friends occasionally, yet it seems so formal. Like there has to be a reason to get together. No one just stops by because they felt like it.  I do miss this. 

And my Hashimoto's Thyroiditis seems to be getting worse.  Half the time I don't want to do anything even if I could.  I simply don't have the energy.  Falling asleep at 8pm is becoming a more frequent occurrence.  

For some reason, being here has made me more inclined to walk everywhere, even though I have farther to go than I did in Houston. And I've joined a gym and started cooking regularly.  So it has its ups and downs.  

Glad we made this step, though it may be some time before I feel established. Of course, knowing me, by that time I'll want to go somewhere else.  Or have some other new endeavour.  Never could sit still for long...

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