Sunday, June 22, 2014

So you want to be a burlesque dancer...

My friend invited me out to a burlesque show last night.  It was not really what I was expecting.  And, yet, so much more! It was every body type you could imagine, which just made me so happy.  Long slender legs to curvaceous booty! 

I was expecting a group of skinny flexible dancers in lace and feathers.  Oh there were lace and feathers, but there was also head scarves, leopard print, books and so much more.

At the end of the show they had a bit of a contest. All you had to do was shout profanities at the MC when she announced a letter that it had to start with.  Three people got to go up on stage to participate, and I was one of them. I won with... Ahem... The C-word... And XXX.  That one was the finale.  Got me a $50 gift certificate toward a tattoo. 

I found it fascinating.  And fun.  I'm seriously considering joining the troupe.  Haven't had the discussion with the hubby yet, but I could totally rock this! Plus it would go along well with my new endeavour of being a Passion Party consultant.  Dildos and burlesque! Well, this isn't exactly what I had in mind when I needed a change from dog grooming, but it's definitely different.  

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