Friday, June 13, 2014

New beginnings

Cheesy name for a post, I know.  But it pretty much sums it up. For those who have kept up with my blog, you were probably well aware that life as a dog groomer was coming to an end and I intended to take life in a more creative direction. Well, it's a work in progress, but it is progress!

It has been almost two months since my last blog post.  This is what happens with such a big change.  It has been nothing but chaos for two months.  I first wrote "stress" instead of "chaos", but stress is definitely not the right word.  It has actually been relatively stress-free.  Or stress-releasing, even. 

The promise of a new adventure lifted a lot of weight from my shoulders.  I could have fun with each step of the process because I didn't have to think about what came next.  Or three steps down the line. I had no idea! Not a clue what was coming.  No idea where we were going to live.  No jobs lined up.  Yeah okay, I had my moments that drive Dan a little crazy while I was up at 6am doing research on places for rent and job openings so that I had a working list if who to start calling at 9.  I think the business owner in me is still a little bit of a hard-ass that way.  

Well, we took the first apartment that accepted us and our cat and planned the move.  Left everything behind with no real plans.  I did manage to line up one job before the big move, but I still had no idea how much I would be making or how many hours.  

The job was at a little quilting shop called Serge and Sew.  Two weeks into it and I absolutely love it.  It's creative.  The girls are wonderful.  And there are so many opportunities to learn new things.  But, it definitely is not full time.  And low pay.  And it's worth it.  

I have managed to acquire a second job at a cafe.  I don't much care for the job.  It's pretty slack. The girls are great, but it really is a bit mind numbing with no potential for progress or knowledge to be obtained. I've always hated working with food.  But it's work.  If it gives me enough money to buy more fabric...  ;)

Dan has also managed to get a job at a great place.  We have settled in nicely to our new home where we can watch drug deals and hookers in the streets from our windows.  Don't get me wrong, it's a decent little apartment.  We are within walking distance to the ocean and one of my best friends' house. At least we can afford it.  

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