Sunday, July 21, 2013

Garden Update

Yes! First garden! And I deem it a huge success! 

I have to laugh. I was reading my last blog only to realize that the pea plant that I was so proud of turned out to be a weed.  What can I say, it's a learning experience.  The peas are in full bloom now and I imagine that there will be pods sprouting any day now.

I now have broccoli and Brussels sprouts  showing signs of actually being vegetables.  I also ate a handful of carrots today.  They were pretty spindly, but I picked them to allow space for the remaining specimens.

But the pride of my garden by far are my squash plants.  I have counted more than a dozen squash growing on the two plants.  Everyone kept saying that you can't grow squash without a greenhouse,  but I have! (Admittedly I originally had 16 plants of different types of squash, pumpkin and cucumber and only these two survived. The kabocha squashes.). Not sure what to do with them, other than maybe some soup...
Last night we had our first true meal from the garden.  We've had quite a few salads, but this was three separate dishes, each with something from the garden.
We had hash browns (potatoes), salad (lettuce), and cabbage rolls.  Except that instead of cabbage, I used Brussels sprout leaves.  Yes, apparently those are quite edible.  A little tougher than cabbage, but with very little flavour so you can thoroughly enjoy what's wrapped up inside the leaf. It was all quite tasty!