Saturday, January 24, 2015

Valour Gone Wrong

I have to admit something... I kinda did a terrible thing.  It may never be recognized by those who it was done to. But for those who read this blog, you will know what I have done.  Feel free to judge me...

It all started with good intentions. You see, at work I run a program called The Colour of the Month.  Each month has its own colour. I choose a fabric of that colour and cut it into approximately 15x15" pieces. Anyone who would like to participate buys one piece for $2.50 and makes something with said fabric.  If they bring their project back before the end of the month, they get entered into a draw for a $25 gift certificate.

In November, I changed things up a bit.  The colour was red, and the fabric had red poppies on it.  So I thought it would be nice to ask everyone to make up a 12x12" block that would be part of a quilt to donate to the legion.  Everyone was quite excited at the prospect. 
I realized, of course, that with so many different people involved, measurements were bound to be off. I thought I had this all figured out by choosing a means of connecting the blocks with sashing so that the blocks were all offset and it wouldn't be so obvious that they were slightly different sizes.  
All the blocks were on my wall so that I know where to strategically place the sashing to make the pattern.  I started with the top left corner.  Then I stopped... 
What had I done?! (When you see it, you'll know.)  This quilt was going to be donated to the freaking Legion! They were so excited when I phoned to see if they were interested in the idea.  And now I was commited.  They were expecting it.  Twenty-four ladies had put time and thought into their blocks.  And here I was putting symbols of terror into a valour quilt! 

I called my husband into the room.  He saw it, too.  He told me I couldn't keep doing this - that I needed to undo it and think of something else.  

But I couldn't. I kept going.  I made that same shape over and over.  I fretted about it the entire time but tried to convince myself that when it was all put together it wouldn't be so obvious.  In fact, no one would even know.  But I knew.
I was right. No one noticed.  Or at least, they were polite enough not to say anything.  But the quilt is done now. And every time I look at it, I see them. They haunt me.  And they will hang in the Legion for all the brave veterans to see.  I just hope no one has some crazy flashback... :S

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wow! I've come a long way!

PThis is an update. A lot has happened since my last post.

I'm quite proud to announce that I have joined the burlesque troupe, Naughty & Spice, as Lydia Vox and have kittened for one show and performed in another.  (Kittening is a term for setting up and picking up all the props.  I was their "kitten".)  It has been spectacular. We are currently on a winter break, but will be resuming practice in February.

Serge and Sew is still proving to be a fabulous job.  I'm teaching classes now. Seems so odd to be teaching quilting classes to people who have been quilting for decades.  But it seems to mostly be a social thing.

Then again... my quilting experience has expanded a substantial amount in the last 8 months. I've made three quilts and numerous smaller projects. 
This last quilt was a collaboration, I must admit.  I only made one of the blocks.  But I did put all the blocks together and quilt and bind it.

On the whole, life in Nanaimo has proved to be as excellent as I remember.  Though I do miss my friends and family from the north a great deal.  They were always around.  Everything was a social event.  Even at work, my coworkers were my friends and Miake had her lunch at my store more often than not.  Evenings were full of dinners and D&D.  Weekends consisted of snowshoeing or hiking or geocaching, making labyrinths or monster cookies.  

Now, I spend an awful lot of time on my own. Sewing... But still by myself.  I see my friends occasionally, yet it seems so formal. Like there has to be a reason to get together. No one just stops by because they felt like it.  I do miss this. 

And my Hashimoto's Thyroiditis seems to be getting worse.  Half the time I don't want to do anything even if I could.  I simply don't have the energy.  Falling asleep at 8pm is becoming a more frequent occurrence.  

For some reason, being here has made me more inclined to walk everywhere, even though I have farther to go than I did in Houston. And I've joined a gym and started cooking regularly.  So it has its ups and downs.  

Glad we made this step, though it may be some time before I feel established. Of course, knowing me, by that time I'll want to go somewhere else.  Or have some other new endeavour.  Never could sit still for long...