Thursday, August 15, 2013


It's amazing how words can affect a person's mood.  How they can hurt or encourage.  I had a really good day.  All day and then I stopped by to ask my husband a simple question and the following half hour, nothing could go right.

"Are you coming to the meeting tonight?" It was two minutes after closing and he was surrounded by coworkers, each with a beer in their hand.  All that I needed was a simple "yes" or "no", but everyone had an opinion.  

The meeting was to discuss the direction we would like to see out town go.  It was a public meeting, so anyone could attend and give their opinion. Apparently, this was a bit of a sore spot for a couple members of the audience to my and my husbands conversation.

"It's a useless meeting." "Change for the sake of change is just stupid." "It's been done that way for a long time, why change it?" 

I feel very strongly that this is not just "change for the sake of change." Our town has been run the same way for decades and it just isn't working any more.  The world has changed and we need to adapt.

But in that few minutes I felt belittled, mocked. I felt like caring about the future of my town was childish.  I simply said, "Enjoy your beer. I'm going to a meeting." 

The following half hour, it seemed that nothing could go right.  I was rushing to make it to the meeting on time, but I had to get home and start laundry, get a few groceries, including something to eat for dinner, get that home and head over to the district office by 6:30.  

I grabbed a salad and lost half of it to the wind as I attempted to eat it on my way home.  I ran inside to get my water bottle and drop off the groceries and spilled water everywhere.  Cleaned it up as quickly as possible and headed over to the meeting to find out it starts at 7, not 6:30.  *sigh* All because I felt flustered at a few words.