Sunday, September 2, 2012

Garbage Challenge

July 9, I decided to do an experiment.  I was changing the garbage bag in my kitchen, and I was curious as to how long it takes for me to fill one of these.   (It's one of the giant clear leaf bags that I choose to use so that I can get the least amount of plastic surface area per volume of garbage.)  So I posted a sticky note of the date that I changed it on the side of the counter next to where the bag sits. 

Today, Sept 2, I decided it was time to take the garbage out again.  That means that it took me (and my hubby) 55 days to fill up a 121L bag.  I was pretty proud of that.  You can see that we aren't always perfect about choosing things with less packaging, but we try. 

I recycle or compost everything that I can.  During this 55 days, I have probably taken in the recycling 3 or 4 times.  Paper, cardboard, #2 plastics, bottles, milk cartons, batteries, and anything that CAN be recycled in my little town, IS. 

I recycle at work, too.  So when the cardboard starts to pile up a little too high, it's time to take in the recycling.  And I just take everything in together from home and work. 

At home, my recycling is somewhat organized.  I have a box for paper, for cardboard and for plastics (or anything that has to go inside the building).  At work, it's basically all jumbled together as out of the way as possible. 

So I challenge you!  See how long you can go without changing your garbage.  For the first round, don't change any of your habits, then try to beat that time on the second round.  And third, and fourth and so on... I'll be doing it again.  We'll see if I can beat 55 days!