Sunday, January 12, 2014

Owl you need is love...

Ever notice how you pick up on something one day then you start seeing it everywhere? Last year or two it was mustaches. Mustache stuff was everywhere. T-shirts... patterns on fabrics... bandages! You could get dog collars with mustaches on them (keep in mind I've been working in a pet store). I feel like by the time I noticed I was too late to jump on the trend and get stuff ordered/done up.

I decided after this mustache thing to try to pay more attention to things like this in the market scene.  May not by my thing, but I feel I should be aware.
(Hmmm... A crossover in trends perhaps?)

Now it seems to be owls.  I see them everywhere. Charms, mugs, t-shirts, fabric, etc. I really noticed at last year's big craft sale when a little girl was selling some very simple stuffed owls that she has sewn herself.  I admit I bought one. They were just so flippin' cute! And my niece adored it when she opened the box on Christmas morning. 

Now they appear to be everywhere.  There doesn't seem to be anything you can't get with owls on it.  And I've noticed that they are either very, very simple and cute or incredibly intricate and maybe a little intimidating. 

It appears that my sister caught onto this owl trend long before I did.  You can see that in one of her pieces of her pieces of fantasy art, Hunter's Moon.

I'm supposed to be going to the fabric store tomorrow. (Weather permitting. The roads have been very gross up here in the north this year.) If I can find some owl material I'm grabbing it! Before I miss the opportunity. 

You can check out my owl treasury on Etsy here.

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  1. It does seem like owls are everywhere these days. Owls are a symbol of wisdom and magic, so, YES!, spread them around!