Friday, January 3, 2014

It's a sad day.

Today we say goodbye to a dear friend. Granted one I haven't known for long. But in the time we have spent together, my life has been enriched.  

Life seemed easier. Clearer. I could see the future and I liked it.  You are gone before your time, quilting ruler. 

It was an untimely accident. Took a tumble while the chair was being adjusted and landed right under the chair. Damn you carpet! If you had been linoleum, this may not have happened! 

The crappy thing is... It's made of plastic.  There's no way to fix it. And there's no non-plastic alternative. (At least not that offers the feature of being able to see through it and line up the lines with the cutting mat.) Taping it would never make it as accurate ever again. And it would never again truly have a straight edge. 

*sigh* I am typically not one to be sentimentally attached to inanimate objects, but this was one tool that really made crafting more fun because it made it less frustrating.  Also, it was a gift from my mother in law. 

Sad, sad day... Well, guess I gotta go get a new one! 

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