Saturday, November 19, 2016

Little Pink Backpack

So last night I'm waiting at the bus stop and this mom and her like 4 year old daughter wander up. The daughter says, "Mommy, I'm cold." So the mom tells her to get her mitts on. The little girl asks for help but her mom says, "I can't go in there. I'm smoking." So the little girl comes into the bus shelter with me and dumps the contents of her little, pink, furry backpack on the bench.

She starts sifting through the contents on the bench. She sets aside a Minnie Mouse toque and continues rifling through everything. Suddenly, the mother yells out, "Hurry up! The bus is here!" The little girl looks up to see the aforementioned bus and, now panicking, searches through her belongings at a faster pace. I asked, "Would you like some help?" And in the smallest, most polite voice she replies, "Yes, please."

She tells me she's looking for her little mittens. I eventually find a pair of thin, pink mittens and placed them with the matching toque she had put off to the side earlier. By this time, the bus had stopped. I began to stuff the remaining items, including another pair of mittens and some candy, back into the fluffy bag. I handed it to her and said we could get the toque and mittens on her on the bus. We then scrambled on board together.

She and her mom sat farther to the back of the bus. I did overhear the mother mentioning "the kind lady who helped her". I sat for a good fifteen minutes or so, contemplating the whole scenario, before I realized that I was on the wrong bus! I was so distracted from helping the small girl that I didn't even look at the number of the bus before stepping on. Oh well! So I'm a little late getting home. No big deal. At least I was able to help the adorable child find her mittens. 

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