Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Making of the Toys

I was asked by my sister to nanny for her while she was at a grooming competition in Seattle.  I always jump at any chance to hang out with my niblings! They live so far away. 

After giving the kidlets their quilts, I thought it would be fun to bring them to a quilt shop with me.  They were excited to bring their quilts and show them off.  I asked them to help me choose some souvenir fabric to back bring home to Canada. 

Nolan chose a green fabric with teal shapes and Jo chose a pink fabric with dogs on it (ick! But I got it just the same).  I found a couple other prints that caught my eye, but my favourite was the tooth fairy flannel. The fairies are quite deranged looking and their teeth are still covered in blood.  Who comes up with this stuff?!

On our way back to the hotel, Nolan asked for his fabric.  I explained that it wasn't "his" - that he just helped me pick it out.  The he asked if I would at least make him something with it.  And thus began the making of the toys.

Nolan asked for a creeper (from Minecraft).  Sweet.  All squares.  How hard could that be? And of course, one cannot make something for one child and not the other, so I asked Jo what she would like.  "A teal unicorn with purple horn and hooves and pink and yellow hair." Um... Okay... A little more complicated, but I could handle this.

I looked up sewing unicorn toy and found what I now know to be a "pony loaf".  I fell in love with this pony loaf idea, and knew just the perfect fabric to use - fireside! We had some teal at Serge & Sew, so off I went.  
Found some anime eyes online that I felt worked well since I didn't want to go out and buy plastic eyes and voila! I think she turned out pretty cute.  Went together quickly, too.
Oddly, my "all squares" creeper took way longer,  I decided to get all pixel-y and cut a bunch of scraps into squares and pieced them all together. 288 squares altogether.
I was very happy with the results, though.
And apparently, so were the kids! 

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