Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mystery Quilt

   Anyone ever heard of a mystery quilt? Well for those of you who haven't, you are basically given instructions to pick out a certain number of fabrics in certain amounts without knowing what the pattern is and then given the instructions for the pattern in installments.  You don't really know what you're making until it's pretty much done.

Oh they give you guidance for choosing your fabrics.  Border Creek (the company whose mystery quilt I am currently working on) even gives you a sample colour way with the option to get that specific kit.  When I saw the colours I was like "Ick!" No judgement on my part if you like them. It's just not my thing. Here is what they had to offer:

Well I would have had to be different anyway.  I just can't handle the thought of making something by hand and still have it be the exact pattern and colours as everyone else. Seems to me that it defeats the purpose of quilting (or any other craft for that matter) in the first place! Here are the fabrics I chose in the same order as above:

I learned about mystery quilts when I first started working at Serge & Sew in June last year.  We were putting together plans for the previous year's Mystery Quilt Club's showcase party.  The walls were lined with so many quilts of all the same pattern in any colour way you could think of. I was mesmerized.  And I was determined to be part of it the next time around.

One thing I have learned is that it is very important to pay attention to the specifics of the instructions. When you don't know what the end result will be, you can't assume you understand how many of what you'll need. 
You'll notice that it says "6 pieces remaining".  That means that you don't do all 44 pieces, you only sew 38 of them.  Well, I wound up having to unpick those 6 pieces.
No harm done and it could have been much worse.  Now I'm taking my time and being meticulous about following the directions.  I only have so much fabric!

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