Sunday, November 3, 2013

Seeing Stars

Okay, I realize this is a barrage of pictures, but I'm hoping that the extra visuals will make it easier to figure out how to make the stars.  Because they're so freaking cute!
When I was searching online, I had a hard time finding a good tutorial.  (To be fair, I didn't look at any of the video tutorials) I kept getting confused after the first folding step.  A good amount of trial and error brought me to realize it's pretty easy.  And once you've done one or two, you can pump out a good amount of them in no time.

First, cut out strips of paper.  I used strips  of magazine pages (lengthwise) 3/4" wide. Then make a loop with a short end and a long end.
The short end should be just long enough to fit back into the loop with a little left over.
Flatten it so that you get a nice even pentagon shape.
Tuck the end back into the pentagon shape.
Take the long end, now and fold it over the edge so that it runs flat against the adjacent edge.
Keep folding in this way until you run out. I found that the more wraps needed to get to the end (ie: a longer strip) the more sturdy the star is in the end.
You need the end to be long enough to securely tuck into the folds, without scrunching.  You may need to trim.
Pentagon shape!
K, now pinch the corners as shown to pop out the star.
I found that once in a while I'd get a stubborn one that wouldn't pop, so I used a stick pin to just push it out from the inside.
Star shape!
Then I made a garland by sewing a piece of thread through the stars to join them together.

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  1. What a cool idea - and a great project for kids - mind if I share this on my blog?