Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

I was born on Friday February 12, 1988 at 11:27pm. That means that I just turned 26 years of age last week. I wasn't showered in presents (Which is great, since I'm not a fan of "stuff" around my house that I don't really use.), but it was a lot of fun. My mommy even put together goody bags! (It's true)
My hunny and I are not ritzy people by any stretch of the imagination.  We not chose to celebrate our birthdays this year (his being 11 days before mine) surrounded by friends, playing board games. We like learning new games and at this party it was Gloom.

The basis behind this game is that everyone gets 5 family members and you try to make depressing things happen to your own family and make good things happen to your opponents.  Your family manners will often have untimely deaths and the winner is the player with the family that has the lowest Self-Worth Score.  

Sounds depressing, right? Actually, it is quite hilarious.  Not only are the tragedies that occur thing such as "pursued by poodles" or "mocked by midgets", but you get to make up some ridiculous story that goes along with how the tragedy (or uplifting event) happened, adding on to what other players have already said about that specific character. 
The other really cool thing about this game is the card design.  They are clear plastic with all the woes and wonders that each character experiences stacked upon the character, still showing the character and scores from other cards beneath them.  It was the highlight of the evening of games.  
The morning after game night, I went with a couple friends on a 717m snowshoe with the average incline being somewhere around 45°.  It certainly wasn't a beginner snowshoe trail. But at the end were enormous ice falls.  It was worth every step, including the ridiculously steep part right at the end.  We wound up sliding on our bums down that part.  I was very thankful that my friend managed to spread her legs before slamming into me and did not impale me with her snowshoes.  
That same friend gave me a new base layer shirt in my favourite colours, which I happily used on the hike. I came home soaked from the dripping icicles and melting snow and with a big grin on my face from the experience.  I would, however, bring a pair of poles next time.
On my actual birthday, the party having been held on a weekend when it was convenient for most, me and the hubby spend the evening playing old school video games. Game, I should say.  We played the original Mario Party on Nintendo 64.  I tell ya, 64 bits on a big screen looks AWFUL!. But it was a blast.  Took us three hours to get through 50 rounds. And it was a pretty close game the entire time. I was mostly in the lead until the very end when he got 7 more coins than me.  Oh! But I had forgotten about the awards at the end and I got an extra star for the win.  That's right! I'M A SUPERSTAR!!

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