Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Follow your dreams

When I moved to Houston, I had a burning passion for the environment.  But I found it difficult to do simple things like recycling paper and cardboard.  And although there is cardboard and paper recycling now, I kept running into more and more obstacles when it came to environmentalism, and it started to weigh on me.  

I started focussing on work.  My business. My dog grooming business.  No.  Not the recycled crafts business that I had started at the same time.  I focused on dog grooming.  

I dropped the crafts altogether.  And as things got busier with the business, I started grabbing food on the go more.  That meant more packaging. Frozen meals, pizza and remade sandwiches and salads meant less dishes to worry about, but now, instead of a garbage bag filled in 52 days (see previous blog), I'm filling one every couple of weeks. 

I succumbed to the "convenience" factor.  It's just... easier.  But every time I took the garbage out, every time I walk past my abandoned craft room, the weight grew on my shoulders.  Now, I am exhausted every day. And I'm not even getting paid well for it.

When Dan lost his job recently, I kept asking him what he WANTED to do.  Encouraging him to search for a job that he WANTED.  Then it hit me.  The thing that is holding him back is the same thing that is holding me back. This business.  We can't even seize an opportunity if t presents itself because it's such a long process to sell or close a business.

So, it has to go.  The business is for sale.  That is the first step in the process of following our dreams.  We are hoping to be able to move by spring.  Where? Doesn't really matter.  Somewhere in southern BC.  

I have already applied for a position in Vancouver.  It's a long shot, but within reach and something that would be VERY exciting for me if I do get it. (WHEN! When I get it.) Change is in the air!

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  1. Oh, wow! What a big decision! But good for you following your dreams. Praying that everything works out!