Thursday, February 14, 2013

Retail cardboard

I am in a cast. I hurt my wrist from repetitive stress at work and am unable to do my regular job. This means for the last week I've been working at an old job to help them out with a few extra hours to keep bills paid. This job is a retail job and the majority of my time is spent receiving inventory. This means cutting up boxes, lots and lots of boxes.

My store is also a retail store so I'm fairly familiar with this process. The difference is that I take my cardboard (and paper) to the local recycling centre, where as this company I am at currently tosses all their cardboard in with their garbage. They fill a dumpster every week with it. I am debating g whether or not to confront the owner on this issue. I'm sure it would cost very little more, if any, to have a cardboard dumpster out back as well, as they could reduce their garbage pickup to every second week or less! I shall update the blog with any progress...


  1. It certainly wouldn't hurt to suggest it! Really, who lives in this world without recycling something so basic as cardboard and has a clear conscience?

  2. It would be great if they jumped on board with this. Can't hurt to make the suggestion!