Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weaving Rush Style

Sometimes I feel a great sense of self when I'm asked for ideas when it comes to certain things.  I seem to be the go to person when it comes to reducing waste among my circle.  And that makes me very proud.  I may not be perfect, but I must be doing enough to get noticed. 

My mom has a set of patio chairs that have been one by one falling apart in the seat.  And she asked me what we could do to fix them, rather than throw them away. 

Well, I just happened to have had some bailing twine sitting in my craft/storage/disaster room.  So my suggestion was to use it to weave new seats.  Though I've had some experience with weaving, I've never woven a chair before, and my mother was just as green as I was on the subject.  Youtube to the rescue!  We found a video and started on our adventure. 

Looks simple enough. And it was!  We couldn't believe how easy it was to get going.  We had a great time, each of us working on a separate chair.  Didn't take long for my giant ball of twine to look a littler less giant, but the weaving looked great. 

After two hours of dragging twine in and out of the chair, neither of us had actually finished one.  It is definitely a process.  We're not too sure how to end our weaving anyhow, seeing as the video did not show how to tie off at the end.  So we left that for another day.  Looking good so far, though!

I always love it when I can come up with an idea for using what I already have instead of having to go out and buy something new.  Though the seat may have made its way to the garbage bin, we managed to save the frame and prevent new products from becoming garbage one day.  And we even used natural material that will biodegrade and go back to the earth.  Good idea, if I do say so myself.  ;)

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